A Message from Rev. Kitty


Rev. Kitty Benson

One rainy Wednesday afternoon, when I was nine years old, I found myself sitting alone in my church sanctuary. This was the church I’d grown up in, and I loved being there…especially in this large cathedral-like sanctuary. I always felt closer to God there. And on this day, I felt closer than ever. Suddenly, I had the distinct knowing that God was asking me a question. “Will you stay here for the rest of your life?”

For a girl at the age of nine, this was confusing, because I knew girls couldn’t be ministers. So I thought, “Well, maybe God wants me to be the church secretary for the rest of my life.” I left that day, not sure what to make of this “calling.” But my passion for God and for church only grew stronger.

I continued to attend church throughout my life, volunteering in various ways, mostly in the music ministry. My relationship with God continued to grow and evolve, as is probably true for most spiritual seekers. My career had evolved as well, playing out in three major professional arenas. I began in the broadcasting field, working more than a decade for such companies as NBC and Clear Channel. I then began a professional services firm with a partner, designing systems for small to large corporations, and finally gravitated into the human resources field, directing the operations of a West Coast staffing firm.

It was during this last career that I found my way to a Unity church. The positive message of God’s unconditional love lifted my heart. I discovered my oneness with God and all life, and I began to understand that God is continually seeking to express His infinite glory through our lives in new and creative ways. We need only turn our thoughts toward the Christ Spirit within and say “Yes!” It wasn’t long after that when I began to experience a feeling of “divine discontent.” I knew I was not doing what I was meant to be doing. And after much prayer and meditation, taking classes at Unity Village and talking with ministers and mentors, I finally accepted that girls could be ministers, and I would be a minister.

After graduating from the Ministerial Education Program at Unity Institute, I was ordained as a Unity Minister. I had every intention of applying for an open Unity church. However, God had other plans. All during school, when people would ask, “What do you want to do when you graduate?” my answer was always, “Go wherever God calls me.” As it turns out, God has called me to begin a new Unity ministry here in Naperville, IL. The signs that led me to this place were undeniable and nothing short of amazing…but hey, it’s God we’re talking about! How could it be otherwise? I hope to be able to share the details with you someday personally. In the meantime, please know that Unity in Naperville is the result of a lifelong calling…one whose time has come. My deepest desire is that by joining me in this ministry, you too will find that there is more to life…it is the infinite potential of God within, just waiting to be lived. I hope you’ll join me in this magnificent journey!

With love and blessings,

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