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Monday, December 25, 2017

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Liz Allroth

My Christmas and New Year’s season can be filled with a mixture of emotions. I can become highly distracted at this time of the year and focus on “to do” lists. There is much excitement/chaos on the outside during this time, and I forget about what we all hold on the inside.

 “Through Love and Wisdom I awaken to the Christ within.”

 You may recognize this affirmation because we spoke it together at the end of a recent Sunday service. For me, “the Christ within” is a feeling of peace so powerful that judgement, control, defense, and fear are replaced with Compassion, Release, Wisdom, and Wholeness. Whatever is needed in that moment is available through me. I wish I could say these moments happen daily, but they don’t. I drift further from these moments when my thinking is concentrated on the outside stuff of life, and I become discouraged. I get stuck.

 Reverend Kitty talked about “Birthing the Christ within” which reminded me that Christmas is a time of opportunity. There are infinite chances to start again, go within, and “birth” something new. I am gratefully relieved, inspired, and excited for the next opportunity. I am doing my best to awaken to the Christ within.

 Peace & Happy Holidays!

Liz Allroth, Board of Trustee 

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